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mobiles Dental X-ray Unit
Wall Dental X-ray Unit

Portable Dental X-ray Unit

Dental X-ray Film
Dental X-ray Film Positioner
Dental X-ray Film Processor
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Dental x Ray Film Processor
Specification:3 pieces in one set
1、for left Maxillary Premolar/Molar,right Mandibular Premolar/Molar;
2、for right Maxillary Premolar/Molar,left Mandibular Premolar/Molar;
3、for Maxillary/Mandibular Incisor.
Purpose:During taking picture,it's better to put the film in the exactly position for making
the ill tooth imagedisplayed in the middle of the film.
Usage:put the film in the clamp 4,(the back side of film (the white color side)face to the circle 5)
Let the patient's ill tooth bite the tuber of the clamp 6
During taking picture,put the camera parallel face to the circle 5
Material:PVC(nontoxic),sterilize in liquid antiseptic,in high temperature(110℃ for better)
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